VTU - Validation Task Utility

MS-Excel VBA Validation Helper Workbook


VTU began as an empty spreadsheet with VBA modules, fulfilling a need to batch update multiple excel documents. With this initial success the potential to automate more of my job tasks was born. From these beginnings VTU grew to:

  • Sanitising and Standardising SSRS Report Output
  • Workflow Management
  • Central Data Repository for Customer Accounts
  • Ability to run locally on a company PC, on a shared network drive, a SharePoint Site, and remotely via Citrix Remote Desktop
  • Sanitising Excel Reports for sending Snapshot Files to other parties (Limiting the information contained within)
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint
  • It's own built-in Version Control
  • Data Archiving, for logical storage of historical data and ease of retrieval
  • Integration with MS Robocopy for backups to and from Sharepoint to ensure fast running software and business continuity

While providing advanced capabilities, VTU leverages only the technologies that are available in stock-standard corporate windows, assuming you do not have access to any fancy software. VTU also grew out of a fully manual process and mimics the moves made by a human operator, so importantly it introduces no upstream dependencies. It simply saves you a great deal of time when you are able to use it.