Supercheap Auto's How-To Workshop - 2011

A complement to Supercheap Auto's E-Commerce Website, the How-To Workshop provides customers with valuable information and helps drive traffic to the site as well as product sales.

Project Scope

The How-To Workshop was a brand new section of the Supercheap Auto website, a revamp of an older collection of how-to articles which included standardisation and addition of rich media (photos and videos), plus the ability to link articles to products and link related articles together in a logical fashion. A concept was drafted and the project was handed to me to deliver to the client (Supercheap Auto's brand marketing coordinator).

In reality, while the design and back end development work was done by our external developers the brand coordinator and myself worked very closely together on critiquing and approving the application as well as migrating and publishing content. Between us we had converted all the old documents into the new format plus new articles.

My Involvement

  • Developer-to-Customer Liaison
  • Content Population & Migration
  • Front-End Development (HTML, CSS)
  • Back-End Development
  • Design Concept

The Result

The How-To Workshop has been a success and content is continually added to it. The underlying framework was the template for further content enrichment on the company's other websites.

Home Page of the How-To Workshop

An article page from the How-To Workshop

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