Cerberus Project - 2013 to Present

Multifunction CMS

Project Scope

Cerberus began as a small footprint CMS for posting blogs and photos, with a built in lightbox viewer, and a like-unlike function for each picture posted. Cerberus is built as a series of controllers, models, and views which integrate into the CodeIgniter framework. Over time Cerberus has been extended to:

  • Publish website pages
  • Publish maps utilising Google Maps API and Openstreetmap via the Leaflet.js plugin
  • Export database tables into .xlsx format
  • Import and Export financial information and MYOB files
  • Send email messages

There have been 2 major sections developed for Cerberus, these are the Inventory Manager and the Market Manager.

Inventory Manager

Developed to work with APA Group's SCC Repair Project, the Inventory Manager lives on an Australian based VM server and allows project team members to list all items in an inventory for tracking. Items can be checked in and out and assigned to other staff members, allowing traceability of equipment and quick access to which items have been assigned to an employee. The need for this software arose out of maintaining a single information repository accessible by multiple staff members over long distances.

Market Manager

Developed for Goodwill Projects, a Brisbane based Farmers' Market management company, the Market Manager is also based on an Australian VM server and allows the team at Goodwill to

  • Maintain a single list of contacts and clients (i.e. market stall vendors)
  • Create and manage bookings for vendors at various markets around Brisbane
  • Create rules particular to vendor prices, locations, and frequency of attendance
  • Automatically generate future bookings based on system rules
  • Import payment information and reconcile against bookings
  • Automate invoice generation and mail-out
  • Assign market vendors into user-customisable product categories
  • Integrates with Wufoo to store vendor applications on the system, streamlining the process for new vendor setup
  • Includes a client facing section for viewing booking details based on a booking code similar to that used by airlines
  • Includes a mobile site for onsite staff to check if vehicles in carparks are listed as belonging to vendors
  • Synchronised to an OwnCloud instance which allows local office access to invoice files and works as an offsite backup

Sites Published with Cerberus:

Integrated Safety Solutions, Australia

Coast 2 Coast Camp Services, Australia