OSClass Extensions - 2013

Working with an Open Source Classifieds package

OSClass is a brilliant open source classifieds package that I began working with in 2013. Daunting at first I began working on my own plugins and modifying the package to suit my needs, and to allow the package to be better monetised. This included building the following plugins:

  • An extension for placing banner advertisements around the site, allowing uploading and deletion of banners from the admin dashboard and setting URLs for each
  • An extension to hide explicit contact information unless users are logged in, in order to prevent spam and/or keep users from circumventing the website's paywall (if applicable).
  • An extension to hide certain categories of listings from unsubscribed users, redirecting them to the home page and prompting them to log in or subscribe
  • A built-in (hard coded) extension to the system core for sending admin emails to multiple addresses, so that a team of administrators could be notified about new users and/or listings
  • A Subscription via Paypal plugin that works with Paypal's main site and testing site. This involved splitting users between "service providers" and "service seekers" and receiving confirmation of payment from Paypal's notification system.

E.g. Sample Website: Workstudytravel Homepage

A few screenshots of the Banner Ads extension

Specifying banner images and URLs

File list, upload, and delete file controls

More to Come with OSClass

I am planning to use the platform for a few ideas, one I have released recently is below.

Site Address: